Friday, April 22, 2011

L'amour est un art (English Version)

Definitely the love is an art, why? After respond that question we must consider an important meaning "art". What's that? How to use it? Many times we say «This is an expression of art, that's art» but we really know what's art? Is an expression or a creation emitted directly from a human one, therefore is love an art? From whatever point of view it is, my concept of love is.. Love is every expresion of simplicity, humility, sweetness from one person to another, that can help to make a best quality of life, is a feeling that make us happy, make us dream, make us understand the life from the point of view of other person, help us grow up inside, to feel ourselves, to love us as we are.

The love make us feel magic, believe me is the only thing in this world that have magic.. Life itself teach you that without love you are no one, you always will have an empty that late you going to fill with whatever trash that can make you feel worst. Thus, NEVER give up, remember the people say ''he who seeks finds'' and ''if you want you gonna have'' but only who have a pure heart going to find the desired happiness in another same person or such as yourself.. It's not a lie, every time that they say that your half orange is right there walking with no way waiting for you, believe it because it's make it exactly for your size, that one that give up never going to find it but that one who perseveres going to be happy for the eternity.

We already talk about art, magic, what's missing? Oh true, the POWER of love♥ You know, love do more than move mountains, the love reviving people, and I don't mean exactly that take off people of their tumbs like in the movies, I mean that really reviving dead people of spirit. It looks amazing but exist people who live for live, they perform a cycle and they never try to get out because they are fear about risk. They wake up, take a shower, eat, work/study and then what?? They going to sleep, and what?? What's happen with his lifes?? When they're really living? When they risk for something or for someone who worth?? Answer: When there is love♥ You find someone that make you feel that mistery magic, and turns you in another one that less you think, then you going to figth for a common wellness because there's no one, is two. There's no me, is us and you going to try live all you can TOGETHER. Now you see how magic and powerfull is the love, turns busy, wild, boring or dead people in a totaly transformation.

It's not just love who loves you, love who hates you and show him that his life can change with this little poke of happines that you will provide. Do it now because tomorrow can be to late. Thanks for read, sorry it's my first time in a english post, I was trying to do my best work.. With love Angela♥

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